Updating Visual Composer

On the plugins page I see that there is a new version of Visual Composer available, but the update function is not working? How do I update?

Answer. You can update Visual Composer if you go to Settings > Visual Composer > Product License tab and put your own details there. BUT, buying a theme which is bundled with Visual Composer (like our themes) does not mean that you also buying a license for a Visual Composer. So you just don’t have a license key and can’t get automatic updates. We bought an extended license to be able include it in our theme, and we own only one license key (as well as in case with single license), theme buyers are not allowed to use that key.

So there are two ways to get VC updates:

1) By waiting for upcoming theme updates where we will also update the VC to latest version. But we are not going to update a theme every time the new version of VC will come, please do not ask about that.

To update this way, first you need to update a theme. Then go and remove Visual Composer (you will not loose any data) plugin. If it will not allow you to deactivate and remove it (possible in some cases) – deactivate a theme, remove, then activate again. Then you will see a new message asking you to install a Visual Composer. Follow it and you will have an updated version contained in theme.

2) Buy a Visual Composer single license, add your license key and get automatic updates anytime you want.

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