Replicate demo site

After you  installed a theme with all the plugins, your homepage will look something like a blog posts archive. So you may want to replicate our demo site instead of beginning from scratch, or you may skip this step.

There is a directory called “Demo Data” in the archive that you downloaded from ThemeForest containing “All files & documentation”. Inside it has several files which you need to import to your WordPress installation to have the same look as our demo.


This file contain all pages, posts, categories, media files etc.

  1. To import it go to “Tools > Import” in your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Follow the “WordPress Importer” plugin installation if you don’t have it yet.
  3. If you have the plugin installed, on the “Import” page choose WordPress.

    Before you proceed with import, there is an important note. This theme has required, recommended (bundled with theme or available for free) and optional paid third party plugins in case you need extra functionality provided by them.

    If you did not installed and activated one or several of these plugins (you may just don’t need them), after demo file submitted you may see messages starting with “Invalid post type…”, “Failed to import…” etc. Its not an issue, just importer skip the content types WordPress doesn’t know about. For exampe if you did not installed a WooCommerce plugin, it will skip all products, because product post type is not registered. The other content will be imported fine.
  4. After you choose WordPress, click upload button.
  5. Choose the “demo-data.xml” file and submit.
  6. On the next screen check the “Download and import file attachments” and click submit button.

You have imported demo content.

This file contains the slider. 

  1. Go to WordPress dashboard.
  2. Go to “Slider Revolution > Slider Revolution > Import Slider”.
  3. Choose the file and click “Import Slider”.


This file contains contact and model submission forms for  Contact Form 7 plugin, read here about this.

This data also included in the demo-content.gz file  and will be imported if you have the plugin active. We added it in case you will need it later.


This is file for customizing fonts with Easy Google Fonts plugin,  read here about this.

This data also included in the demo-content.gz file, and will be imported if you have the plugin active. We added it in case you will need it later.

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