Creating necessary pages

There are list of pages you need to cover all functionality offered by plugins.

The list of pages you need depends on set of plugins you are using. Here is the complete list for each plugin.

  • Testimonials by WooThemes
    • To show all testimonials on one page you need to add an archive page to them – just a page with slug “testimonials”.
  • WooCommerce
    • After plugin installation you will see a welcome message to install all necessary pages. Or you can do the same from the plugin settings page (video + article).
  • WP Job Manager
    • As in case with WooCommerce after plugin installation you need to go through setup process to add 3 pages (articlevideo tutorial).
      • Applications add-on – you can allow employees to view their past applications by adding the [past_applications] shortcode to a page.
      • Resume Manager add-on – create a page to list all resumes with [resumes] shortcode. Add page where people can submit their resumes with [submit_resume_form]. A page where employees can see their submitted resumes, allowing them to edit or remove them with [candidate_dashboard]shortcode.
      • Bookmarks – list all your bookmark with the [my_bookmarks] shortcode.

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